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Curiosity led me to take my first photography class at Moorpark College, I wanted to see how the process worked, how someone could walk up to a complete stranger, strike up a conversation and make a storytelling set of images; was this something I could do?

As I learned more about the history and power of the image, I realized I could create compelling visual narratives that would tell a story much better than anything I was able to write. And, as an added bonus, photography has offered me the opportunity to meet and photograph so many scientific, business and technology, and artistic innovators, as well as people from every walk of life.

Every time I pick up a camera I have another opportunity to learn something new. Photography has been an amazing life-long university course in human nature, innovation, compassion, beauty, design, and in general the joy of life. Having an outlet for this creative freedom allows me to share this joy of learning with the world.

Here is a partial list of outlets I have worked for: the New York Times, the Financial Times, Hong Kong Trade and Economic Office, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Associated Press, the Guardian and Observer, Der Spiegel, Tatcha, the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, the Michael Minna Restaurant Group, Fine Cooking Magazine, Accenture, the Adventure School, Autodesk, the British Consulate Office of San Francisco, the Wall Street Journal, Impact Visuals, Polaris Images, the Fresno Bee, the Los Angeles Times, the Milwaukee Journal, Scholastic Publishing and many more. My work has been republished in numerous text books, magazines, journals and websites.